Things to Consider When Looking for a Tattoo Artist

Things to Consider When Looking for a Tattoo Artist

Considering the incessantly increasing environmental pollution, for a fashion-cautious individual like you, when on the lookout for the best tattoo artist in Miami, cleanliness, and sanitation of the set up should be one of the major factors of consideration. As you should make sure that the artist is not merely an amateur and is operating with a valid license. Equally, you should have an eye to know that kind of sterilization techniques he adheres to. Thus, some of the essential factors that you should consider to reach a reliable tattooist are listed below.

Get Referrals

With the popularity of tattooing, getting referrals from relations, neighbors, or friends those who boast of their tattoos is obviously a great source to reach the best tattoo artist in Miami in the speediest way. While having an eye to his/her tattoo, enquire about the age of the tattoo since knowing its longevity helps to understand the expertise and type of ink used by the tattooist.

Review Internet Sources

Also, search for ‘best tattoo artist in Miami’ through Google, and you will get profuse data on great tattooists operational in the State. Consider studying on artists who’re fitted with website that not only demonstrates the status of the tattooist but also facilitates to know the details of the artist’s background, area of services, customer comments, contact number, and enables having online chat on the site itself, where you can place query and get a reply.


Never consider any tattooist is working without a license. As per standard rule, an artist should exhibit every document like license, apprenticeship, safety and hygiene practices and document of special recognition, etc in the reception hall. 


To evaluate a tattooist’s mastery on his work, a steady basis of consideration is to go through his/her portfolio that exemplifies the images of the artworks done by them. They should be watermarked or signed and needs to be recorded professionally while a few of them should be demonstrated on the website as well as in the setting to let customers watch and apprise them before considering him for inking.

Safety and Hygiene

Unsurprisingly, the best tattoo artist in Miami knows how crucial it is to maintain the standard of sanitation in a tattoo shop to ensure the safety and wellbeing of his customers. Make sure that the artist uses medically standard latex gloves while offering tattoo services and change them once used. The tattooist should employ high-quality FDA approved inks, disposable needles, etc. Colors once taken out of the container cannot be returned back which may carry a high risk of germ contamination. It should be prepared with necessary machinery and needs following the means required for sterilization as per industry standard. Evaluate the standard of cleanliness maintained throughout the set which is vital for a tattoo shop.

Ask Questions

If you are satisfied with the above points, consider asking a few questions to have a better idea about his background, knowledge in his specialty area and professional code.

  • What background do you have?

By knowing the background of the tattooist in terms of his/ her training, professional acquaintance and length of experience, you can measure whether the artist has been successful in his trade or merely a tattoo service provider. 

  • How do you get new customers?

A best tattoo artist in Miami not only get customers through their web presence or social sites but a large percentage of customer come to them out of referrals. Especially, when it comes to an artistry work like tattooing, customers always look for references from different sources. And customer coming from referrals demonstrates the satisfaction level of existing/ earlier customers.  

  • Do you specialize in black and grey tattoos?

A reputable tattooist should have a high level of expertise in black and grey tattoos which are the origin of tattoo artistry. Chiefly used to draw portraits on various parts of human bodies, a tattooist is required to satisfy their clients equipped with only one single color and, i.e., black. This is where, they should have great artistic sense to manipulate the base color to bring lively images of celebrates to pets or human anatomy on the arms, back, chest, face, etc.    

  • How do you guide clients on aftercare? 

Aftercare is an essential part of having a tattoo. As a professional best tattoo artist in Miami should be outfitted with printed guidelines on aftercare which should not be just a verbal means. As he should follow the required protocol on aftercare following a procedure, he should be obligated to make sure that the customers follow the guidelines carefully for their absolute wellbeing.

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