Things to Consider Before Choosing a Tattoo Parlor

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and requires proper consideration in choosing the parlor or the artist. Even if your decision is in jest, your choice of artist or the studio shouldn’t be made lightly. In order to get the best tattoo in the safest way possible, it is important to give due thought in making the decision about your choice of the studio.

Here are the things to consider before choosing a tattoo parlor.

The Artist’s Experience and Capabilities

When getting a tattoo, it is important to inquire about the artists working there. You can check tattoo parlors’ websites to know more about their artists. Use online searches to your advantage here. Use keywords with your location to search for local tattoo parlors and find a link to their websites. For instance, use keywords such as Raleigh tattoo parlors or something similar to get good search results for this location.

Reputed tattoo parlors mention artists’ profiles on their websites. You can check them to know more about an artist’s style, experience, and capabilities. It will help you to choose an artist who specializes in the kind of tattoo you want.

You can also check a sample of the artists’ work on the websites or the parlors’ social pages. Checking the portfolio of artists is a great way to see if you connect with their artistic style. Perhaps it will help you to change your mind about the kind of tattoo you want after noticing something more striking than what you had in mind. Perhaps you will be able to get more clarity of the ink pattern you want and finally be able to choose a tattoo style or the design.

You can also meet the artists and discuss their work in person. You can request to see their portfolio before discussing other details. They might be able to showcase their portfolios in detail in face-to-face meetings. You can choose how to check their portfolio. The important thing is to not miss doing it.

You can make your decision based on the experience of the artist or their style of work or both. It is best to spend a little time on this kind of research rather than regretting choosing an artist whose work isn’t up-to-the-mark or something that you desire.

The Hygiene and Safety Practices at the Parlor

Tattoos and safety practices go hand in hand. You cannot ignore it even if the artist working at a studio with less-than-ideal safety protocols is extremely talented.

Visit the tattoo parlors before you book an appointment with an artist working there. Glance around the place to check if it looks neat and organized. There needs to be a method to the buzzing atmosphere you will find at most good tattoo parlors. The tools need to be at their designated places when not in use. There needs to be a proper system to dispose of needles and other bio-hazard wastes at the parlor.

Ensure that you ask about the safety protocols and hygiene practices followed at the parlor during your initial visit. Notice the sitting areas. Does everything look in order? Do the chairs and recliners look comfortable? If you plan to get an extensive tattoo, you will need to spend a lot of time on those chairs or recliners. So, if you do not wish to end with muscle pain at the end of your tattoo session, pay heed to this safety aspect at the parlor too.

The Cost of the Services

The cost of the tattoos can depend on the reputation of the parlor and the experience of the artist. It is best to inquire about the cost before you book a session with an artist. Most tattoo artists charge by the hour. So, ensure that you have a fairly good idea about the time frame required for your tattoo design. Calculate the cost accordingly and see if you can afford the book a session with an artist or not. If you plan to tip the artist working at the studio then factor in this expense into the total cost of the work too.

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