Natural Tattoo Removal Methods – Which Should You Choose?

Natural Tattoo Removal Methods – Which Should You Choose?

One can witness that having a tattoo is a form of expressing oneself and it has been used for centuries. However, body art is becoming popular in the recent times as more people are filling up their bodies with ink. The fact is the tattoo will last for a lifetime, which is an advantage, as well as disadvantage. But, for some reasons like restrictions in the workplace, removing the name of someone, or due to change in some beliefs, and many more, one wishes to remove the tattoos through natural methods. Here we will be discussing some of the common methods to remove your tattoo through a natural process.

The very popular technique for natural tattoo removal and the simplest solution are to go for salabrasion where you need to keep rubbing salt on the tattoo. The main target is to reach the skin’s second layer that is dermis because the tattoo is located in the dermis layer and rubbing at regular intervals will lead to complete removal of the tattoo. It causes less pain and is a safe process than the laser technique. This process is being used for centuries so that you can follow this technique. You must keep a painkiller, as it will cause some pain while removing. The best part is it has no side effects, and it is better to consult a dermatologist before following this technique. For skin regeneration, take a gap for a few days and then again apply the salt for better results. Another natural tattoo removal technique, which is not so popular, is applying a mixture of yogurt and Aloe Vera on the skin. It is an effective process and a boon for people having sensitive skin. It helps to remove the tattoo completely and add healthy nutrients to the skin. Apply the mixture three to four times a day, and you will observe that it will start fading and eventually it will vanish completely. It is one of the rarest methods that you will not feel any pain during the removal of the tattoo. Additionally, your skin will be nourished with vitamin E, amino acids, calcium, minerals, etc. that will help you to detoxify the body as well make your skin shinier and healthier.

Next is the sand power technique that many consider as one of the effective methods. The downside is it will pain, and this method is not applicable to those who have sensitive skin, but it is helpful in major situations. Wash and clean your skin before applying. Then use a sponge and some sand powder and start rubbing and eventually after few days, few layers of the skin will start to remove. Get some painkiller at your disposal, as this process is a painful one. The advantage of using the process is it is very simple to do without causing any side effects. Keep in mind that you need to repeat the process several times for a long period for complete removal of the tattoo. A mixture of lime juice and salt is another natural tattoo removal method to disappear your tattoo completely. Unfortunately, you cannot remove the whole tattoo completely, there will be visibility of scars, but people try it with this technique. Apply the mixture on the tattoo for half an hour and clean it with lukewarm water. You will not feel any pain and has no side effects. Repeat the procedure numerous times to get the result.

Hydrogen peroxide is a popular item available in the kitchen that helps in removing permanent tattoos. It is beneficial for the ink to pink and lightens the pigmentation of the tattoo. First, scrub the area with salt and then apply hydrogen peroxide. It helps to prevent various infections and is popular for its antiseptic properties. The last removal method we will be discussing is about apple cider vinegar(ACV). Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and dab it over the tattoo on a daily basis. First, rub the area with sandpaper so that ACV can get absorbed on the area effectively. It is a painful and tedious method, but people claim that they got the results with this process.

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