Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures

The tattoo removal procedure has received a warm welcome among people due to its advanced operation, and many are curious to know about it in detail. They have many queries running in their minds to see if it is a safe and suitable procedure for their skin.

Let us look into the most frequently raised questions regarding tattoo removal to help the patients gain knowledge about the process.

  1. Is the Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure Painful?

Yes, laser tattoo removal is painful to an extent but bearable. The doctors have an alternate solution to overcome the pain in a short time. The best solution is to apply a cream on the site to stop experiencing any pain.

  1. How long the Tattoo Removal Procedure Takes?

The tattoo removal method is less time-consuming, taking not more than 45 minutes, depending on the ink’s intensity on the tattoo and the size.

  1. How many Sittings does it take to get rid of a Tattoo Completely?

Mostly it will take up to six sittings to eliminate a tattoo. This number depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the impression of the tattoo. It is evident that tattoos on fair skin fade quickly when compared to darker skin.

  1. Will the tattoo fade away thoroughly after the treatment?

Yes, it will fade off completely; that is the benefit of opting for the Laser Tattoo removal procedure because they deliver promising results on the skin. Picosure lasers work super-fast than nanolasers and can eradicate blue and green inks, which are not possible in conventional methods.

  1. Do they Cause any Side Effects on the skin?

There are no harmful side effects from the procedure, but the skin is prone to minor problems. These side effects include inflammation, redness on the skin, hyperpigmentation, and slight irritation. All these are tolerable, and the effect decreases within few days. Getting the procedure done by a professional assures at most safety on the skin.

  1. What is the Price for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser treatment procedure cost differs based on the clinic and the patients. The procedure’s price depends on the size of the tattoo, the color of the skin, the intensity of the ink, the reputation of the clinic, and the laser therapist’s professional experience to see visible results on the skin.

A presumption exists that large tattoos removing on dark skin areas consume a lot of time. A well-experienced practitioner will charge more than a normal one because he can eliminate the tattoo by applying the industry’s safest methods.

  1. What are the Conditions Required for Tattoo Removal Procedure?

People who are willing to go through a tattoo removal procedure must be doing well in mental and physical health. Smokers are not eligible for this treatment, and pregnant women must not undergo the treatment. Most importantly, people suffering from skin allergies should refrain from going through tattoo removal treatment as it may worsen the skin by leading to other skin-related complications. The main criteria are people over 18 age can only go through the process according to the safety standards.

  1. What are the Aftercare Methods to follow Laser Removal?

It is essential to follow the aftercare methods soon after the procedure to escape from any severe side effects on the skin. Use ice packs to apply over the skin area to reduce the swelling. Apply the topical ointment on the treated skin part to avoid spreading any infection to the surrounding areas. Avoid using soap on the tattoo-removed site because these can slow down the recovering of the skin. Stay indoors to protect the skin from sun exposure as it may lead to a burning sensation. If there is a necessity, apply an SPF cream over the part and then go out considering the skin’s safety.

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