Four Important Factors to Consider While Getting a Body Piercing

Piercing Shops

When you’re thinking of getting a body part pierced, all you need to do is type in Piercing shops near me on Google and voila! A list of piercing shops within drivable distance presents itself, and lo, you have the answer to your problems, although wait! Is that really the only thing you need to do? What are the other potential risks you’re facing when putting your body through this procedure? What are some factors you need to consider apart from the “piercing shops near me,” Google search? 

If you’re considering getting piercing and nervous about all the risks you’ve heard from other folks, fret not, for you’ve come to the right place. The truth is that almost 49% of women and 19% of men in America have piercings all over their bodies (not limited to the earlobe): it is quite a popular gesture. Back in the day, women got their ears pierced so that they could display a wider range of jewelry, but with time, things have changed. Women and men are now increasingly getting their bodies pierced all over: from eyebrows to noses, from tongues to navels, and let’s not forget genitals- it’s almost become a sign of artistic expression. 

Risks & Complications of Piercings

So how do 49% of women and 19% of men go about making this decision? Do they consider all the risks and complications that may follow post the procedure? No, which is how we learn about the risks and complications, to begin with!

The truth is that so long as you get your piercing done by a trained professional, you’re in safe hands. But that doesn’t mean you won’t develop a bacterial infection, bleeding, an allergic reaction, skin tearing, or even scarring. To avoid this, let’s make sure you go to a safe place to get pierced. Here are four factors you must consider while getting a body piercing:

Recognize your infection risk

While finding “a good piercing shop near me” is not tough, make sure to consider your risks of developing an infection. Let’s say you have an open wound already and wish to get a piercing. It would be recommended to put off the piercing until the wound heals completely. The risk of infection is twice as much when you have a wound already. Now, let’s add to that the possibility of getting pierced by a poorly trained instructor, who happens to be working in an unsterile environment, or using dirty equipment. 

Think About Your Lifestyle 

You might not consider this while gleefully searching for “the best piercing shops near me”, but be responsible for a second and think about your future. While a tongue piercing looks hot at 20, it may not be as cool when you’re 30 in a corporate job. If you think you’ll be removing your piercings frequently to conceal them from work or family, keep in mind that you are inadvertently increasing the chances of infection. This may further increase the healing time required for newly-pierced skin as well.

Take Your Anatomy Into Consideration

No one knows your body like you do: remember that all skin types are not suitable for all kinds of piercings. For instance, to get your navel pierced, you need a distinct ridge at your belly button. Consider this before you head to the piercing parlor. Further, recognize your healing tendencies. If you bruise like a peach and are generally prone to easy scarring, you may not want to get a piercing. If your body easily develops keloids, piercings are not the way to go either. Lastly, remember to consider your prevailing medical issues (if any), and don’t put your body through conditions that will further weaken your immunity. 

Go To A Trained Professional

Lastly, don’t go to a cheap parlor because you’re short on cash; this is one of those decisions you cannot afford to “cheap out on”. Ensure they use sterilized tools and follow safety precautions religiously while dealing with blood and controlling infections. Make sure they use nickel-free studs, pins, or rings in order to reduce the possibility of developing infections or allergic reactions. Ensure to memorize the follow-care instructions and learn how to keep it clean and infection-free afterward!So, it looks like we’ve covered everything post your Google search of “Piercing shops near me”- we trust you can take it from here! 

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