Everything You Need to Know about Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

More and more women today consider having cosmetic eyebrow tattoo which is a handy solution to eliminate further time and efforts spend on their day to day makeup. For those having patchy, sparse, or diffused eyebrows, cosmetic tattoo done through micropigmentation is a consistent procedure to own fuller look well-shaped eyebrows. However, as they cannot be altered with the changing eyebrow fashion, similarly use of low-quality pigments or unprofessional job work typically leads to color fading that looks them unsightly.

This is particularly the cause why there has been an increasing demand for eyebrow tattoo removal which helps you get rid of your poor looking cosmetic eyebrows from experts. While laser-based tattoo removal method is already there, non-laser removal procedure has earned a significant footstep in the industry. So if you’re one of those who regret their cosmetic eyebrow tattoos and seek tattoo removal, get through the writing below to know everything on the procedure.  

How does it work?

Whatever might be the cause that you choose eyebrow tattoo removal through a safe, natural non-laser procedure, your eyebrow is first evaluated by an expert. Both of your eyes are covered with innovate closers to avoid all possible harms and then eyebrows are numbed. The procedure involves penetrating the dermal layer of the skin which is done with great care with similar kind of tattoo tools that are used for micro-pigmentation popularly known as ‘cosmetic eyebrow tattoo’. Henceforth, the entire eyebrow part is wetted with lido cream that helps in pulling the inks implanted within the skin earlier. While a portion of color is typically sucked upwards during the session, its remaining part comes upward in the form of the scab over the treated area and typically falls off naturally with no need for manual withdrawal. 

How many treatments do you require?

Even though the essence of the non-laser method based eyebrow tattoo removal is a complete and faster solution, however, depending on the characteristic of cosmetic pigments used on your eyebrow skin, the amount of color, nature of your skin and technique followed earlier, it may require 4-6 treatment sessions to reach the desired goal.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Anyone looking for trendy eyebrow with the removal of outdated one;

Poor quality tattoo that you’re not satisfied with the shape;

Pigment relocation;

Social issues;

Operation purpose;

The uneven depth and unevenly introduced color pigment;

Growth of eyebrows that bring unevenness;

How painful it is?

Prior to the session, the eyebrow area is numbed, which makes the process absolutely painless and comfortable. When compared with laser rays, the deinking method is virtually painless; however, it’s not fully painless, and equally sensitivity of skin among people varies widely. Those who have very sensitive skin and feel any kind of aching even after use of the numbing agent should talk to the technician.

Is there any risk of scarring?

Since it only affects the epidermis layer for penetrating the lower skin level and no cells of epidermis or dermis is damaged during deinking, there is absolutely no chance of having any scar in the future. Compared to intense laser beams which harm the delicate skin cells, the non-laser methodology is quite safer and less vulnerable to future complications.

How much time each session takes and what is the gapping period among session?

Depending on the condition of your eyebrow, it may require 30-45 minutes in each session. Usually, for eyebrow tattoo removal, you will be called after 4 weeks for the next session. This gapping is a must that helps the skin to heal as the new skin grow and advances the effectiveness of treatment.   

Benefits of Non-Laser Eye Tattoo Removal (compared to Laser) 

Never affect hair growth

No chance of scarring

Less painful

Faster solution with less down time

Faster recovery

Less number of sessions

Less costly


Effective to deal with all colors

How long it takes to heal?

Some kind of redness over the eyebrow area after the session depending on your skin senility is quite natural. Never worry and so long you will have a scab on the deinked area, let them fall off naturally. Never touch the area or try to pick those scabs which might cause skin infection. As suggested by your eyebrow tattoo removal community, carry on applying aftercare antiseptic creams that sooth the place, prevent infection, and lead to faster healing. No cosmetic or makeup should be used for the next 10-15 days and keep the area completely dry for the next three days after each session. Healing takes nearly 7-10 days.

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