A Healthier Way to Smoke Weed? Comparing Methods

A Healthier Way to Smoke Weed? Comparing Methods

Are you thinking of using cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes? Perhaps you are planning on smoking it and want to find a healthier way of doing so. If so, it might help to clear up a misconception before you start—there is actually no healthier way to smoke weed. Whichever method of smoking you choose, it is going to come with some or the other risk.

Even if you select the purest form of cannabis, its smoke will still contain toxins and carcinogens that will have a detrimental effect on your health in the long run. There is no getting around that fact. However, what you can do is emulate celebrities who smoke weed, how much is a gram of weed and follow methods that are likely to cause less harm to others in the vicinity.

Different methods of smoking weed

Let us get started by comparing different methods of smoking weed and find ways to consume cannabis that are comparatively healthier:


Many people assume that using e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and other vaping products will be safer than smoking cigarettes. After all, you are not inhaling smoke, are you? Just the fumes, aroma, and flavor from the heated THC and CBD oils. However, the oil contains the additive chemical vitamin E acetate, and when you inhale this during vaping, you will end up causing serious injuries to your lungs. Long term usage will lead to a condition known as popcorn lungs.


Bongs are water pipes with a bowl to hold the dried cannabis. When you light the weed, the smoke rises through the water into the pipe for you to inhale. This method of smoking cannabis feels easier and smoother than the harsher experience of smoking a cannabis joint. Make sure you use clean glass bongs and avoid plastic ones that can release harmful chemicals like phthalates and BPA. However, you will still be inhaling smoke into your lungs, and that is not going to be good for their long-term health.

Smoking blunts

Cannabis blunts are cannabis cigars in tobacco wrappers and are larger in size and with more weed content than joints. The tobacco wrappers have high toxic levels, and, moreover, product more smoke when you light up the blunt. As a result, you will be inhaling a lot more smoke. Again, that is not good news for your lungs. It might be possible to lessen the ill-effects by not sharing blunts, adding filters, and by taking brief inhales and exhaling the smoke faster.


Dabbing involves using concentrated extracts of cannabis like marijuana wax, shatter, and butane hash oil. You heat these pure extracts on a hot surface and use a dab rig to inhale the fumes. The effect is powerful and you can get high very quickly. People with chronic health conditions often use dabbing to obtain instant pain relief and to get rid of nausea. However, there might be long-term risks involved.

Comparatively safer methods of weed intake:

The following methods of weed intake are comparatively safer as they don’t affect your lungs. However, you should make sure that you are using pure cannabis and take the road of moderation in your regular usage.

Eating weed

As compared to smoking cannabis, it is less potent to consume it in the form of edibles like gummies, chocolates, candies, cookies, cakes, cooking oil, butter, tea, and more. When you smoke, you can experience the effects of the drug within minutes. On the other hand, it can take at least three or four hours, during which your bloodstream will absorb the cannabis along with your food. As the drug is less effective this way, you might up eating more than is good for you.

Taking pills and tinctures

There are cannabis dissolvable pills and alcohol-based tincture drops that you can place under your tongue. Your body will then absorb both the pills and the tincture. You will feel the effects of the cannabis almost immediately.

Applying creams

Cannabis creams are useful for relieving pain and inflammation. You only have to apply the cream to your skin and wait for it to take effect. There are also cannabis balms, patches, and lubricants for therapeutic uses. Some people also use cannabis suppositories to obtain pain relief.

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